Experienced Traffic Lawyers

Are you one of the unfortunate ones who just saw flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror? That feeling of intense anxiety rushed through you as you feel a mix of frustration and confusion about what you might have done. Maybe you are frustrated because you think you didn’t do anything wrong. The officer walks away from your car leaving you with a notice that you have been charged. Now you face your next challenge…dealing with your case in court. Come seek assistance and peace of mind from the experienced traffic lawyers from Tolin & Tolin, PLLC. Schedule a consultation today.

At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC we handle over 1,000 tickets each year in the Triad area of North Carolina. We have developed good, professional relationships with the DA’s and judges that handle cases in traffic court. Apart from our experience in handling a large number of traffic tickets each year, allowing Tolin & Tolin, PLLC to help you with your traffic offense gives you assurance that you will resolve your case with the best possible result for you situation, conveniently allow you to have your case handled by an attorney without you attending the court hearing (there are some exceptions to this), and avoid costly increases to your insurance rates for the next 3 years.

The best result for your situation

Many people do not realize that there is a benefit to having legal representation for their traffic ticket. The State of North Carolina will often allow you to pay the court costs and fines associated with your ticket without ever appearing in court. This is called handling your ticket by waiver because you are waiving your right to appear in court. You are only allowed to waive your appearance for certain traffic offenses. If you do pay the court costs and fines associated with you ticket by waiver of your appearance in court, you are pleading responsible or guilty to the charge you have been given. However, if you work with an experienced traffic lawyer at Tolin & Tolin, PLLC, your original traffic offense may be reduced to a lesser offense that is more beneficial to you. In some situations, your traffic offense can even be dismissed, allowing you to avoid paying the court costs and fines associated with the offense.

The convenience of letting your attorney attend court without you

Another benefit to hiring an experienced traffic lawyer is convenience. What is the value of your time? Many people find that it costs them less money to pay Tolin & Tolin, PLLC to handle their ticket than they would lose by missing work or some other valuable event. Attending traffic court can be a long day of waiting for your one case to be called by the court. How do we do it for less money? Because of the number of traffic tickets Tolin & Tolin, PLLC handles in court, we have developed a process to handle them efficiently. Our process allows us to charge you less money than many of our competitors. How much do you think you will have to pay an attorney to wait in court to handle your one traffic ticket? We divide that costs between many people.

Avoiding a 3 year increase in your insurance rate

Often people are concerned about the effect of a traffic ticket on their insurance rate. The increase in your insurance premium can have an effect lasting three years. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC we will analyze your situation so that we can get a result that will not cause your insurance rate to increase. The money that you pay Tolin & Tolin, PLLC to handle your traffic ticket is usually less than the cost of an increase in your insurance premium, if you case were not handled properly. Do not take the risk of going to court and not knowing effect of the result you have when you leave the courthouse. Contact Tolin & Tolin, PLLC to have them help you with your traffic and receive a consultation.

Types of traffic offenses Tolin & Tolin, PLLC can help you with

It can be intimidating and confusing to navigate the complex world of the judicial system and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our experienced staff of paralegals and attorneys at Tolin & Tolin, PLLC can minimize a traffic citation’s effect on you, help you keep your insurance rates low, and prevent revocation of your driver’s license. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC some of the common traffic offenses we handle are listed below.

Driving While Impaired (DWI)

Driving while impaired (DWI), also known as drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI) is probably the most serious traffic offense in North Carolina. Upon conviction, you will lose your license for at least a year. A DWI conviction can also result in a substantial fine, probation, and possible jail time. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC our experienced traffic lawyers can advise you about the consequences that you could face as a result of your DWI. We will also do a thorough analysis of the case by reviewing everything associated with the officer’s investigation in charging you. This will help you decide whether you want to plead guilty or have us defend you in the DWI you are charged with. Because a DWI case can be very complicated and you risk having serious consequences from it, let an experienced traffic lawyer from Tolin & Tolin, PLLC look out for your interests.


The biggest problem with a speeding ticket is that it is a moving violation that leads to points on your driver’s license and an increase in your insurance rates. If you mail in your court costs and fine payment, or just go to the courthouse and to pay them, you are pleading guilty or responsible to the speeding charge and this will cause you to get points. With the help of an experienced traffic lawyer at Tolin & Tolin, PLLC, many speeding tickets can be reduced to a lesser charge, like improper equipment, that is a non moving violation or has fewer points than your original charge. There are some types of speeding charges that are more serious than other. For example, charges for Speeding in a School Zone or Speeding in a Work Zone have higher fines associated with them, but we can often get these charges reduced as well. Often we can handle you case in court without you if you are willing to waive your appearance. Contact us today and we will assist you with your Speeding ticket.

Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign or Light

Like speeding tickets, these violations are moving violations and can have the same effect on you license and insurance as a speeding ticket. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC, we can help you handle your case and minimize the points on your license and insurance.

Expired Registration/No Inspection

Failing to keep your registration current through the inspection and registration process can easily happen in our busy lives. An expired registration charge is a class 2 misdemeanor. Please do not simply pay the court without consulting an attorney about this. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC we can typically save you money when you allow us to help you.

No Operators License (NOL)

A driver is charged with No Operators License when they do not have a North Carolina Driver’s License. Typically, a driver’s license is required if you live in the state for more than 60 days. There are qualifications required to get a driver’s license. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC we can assist you with this charge.

Driving While License Revoked (DWLR)

If you are charged with Driving While your License is Revoked, we can help you determine if you are eligible for a license or what to do if you are not. We will take the time to go through your driving record with you to determine what you must do to get a license back and what the best outcome is for your case. Often, if you are able to get your license back, many of the consequences of a DWLR charge can be minimized or eliminated. If you are unable to get your license at this time, we will work with you to put you in a position to get your license back as soon as possible. You can set up a consultation at Tolin & Tolin, PLLC to review your situation and find out how to get through your revocation period. At times we are able to get a limited driving privilege for individuals with a revoked license.

Causing an Accident

If you are given a ticket because of your involvement in an accident, you can receive points on your insurance for the accident in addition to the points you receive for charge you receive on your traffic citation. If you work with Tolin & Tolin, PLLC, we can probably minimize the points associated with your charge.

Passing a Stopped School Bus

No one would intentionally pass a stopped school bus and risk harm to the children boarding or exiting, but often drivers do not use the best judgment or are not paying enough attention. If you have been charged with Passing a Stopped School Bus, please take this seriously. This is a criminal traffic offense, and often the prosecutors and judges do not look favorably upon this type of offense. You can have an experienced traffic lawyer from Tolin & Tolin, PLLC assist you with this type of charge to minimize the effects on you.

Failure to Move Over for an Emergency Vehicle

In North Carolina you can be charged with an infraction if you do not move over into the outside lane when you are passing an emergency vehicle parked on a shoulder with lights flashing. This charge is often called the “move over” law and has a high fine associated with it, and its purpose is to ensure the safety law enforcement officers and other first responders. If you are charged with failing to move over for an emergency vehicle let the experienced traffic lawyers at Tolin & Tolin, PLLC work with you to help you to make sure that you are were charged appropriately.

Reckless Driving

A reckless driving charge is given because of driving with a disregard of safety of others or in a manner so as to endanger a person. This is a criminal offense that subjects you to insurance and DMV points that will likely cause an increase in your insurance. A reckless driving charge requires serious attention. Our goal is to assist you by minimizing the damage done to your driving record and to your ability to keep your license and afford your insurance rates.


If convicted, racing can trigger an automatic suspension of your license for 3 years. Because of these serious consequences, having experienced representation from Tolin & Tolin, PLLC can help you navigate the judicial process and handle your case in a way that allows you to get back to driving as soon as possible. At Tolin & Tolin, PLLC we can assist you by advising you best on the likely and possible outcomes and the steps needed in order to minimize these consequences. Contact our office or schedule a consultation today.