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Often it feels as if everyone is out to get you, but you have rights. The police must respect these rights in order for the state to secure a conviction. The burden is on the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime charged. Our Constitution protects your privacy rights and provides extensive protections from invasions into those private areas of our lives. Schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney at Tolin & Tolin, PLLC to discuss the options you have to protect yourself and to assert your rights. Here’s a sample of some of the questions we can help with.

  • Why do you need an attorney when you are charged with a crime?
  • When should you seek representation for you criminal issue?
  • If I have committed a crime, what are the consequences of my actions?
  • What are your options for using a court appointed attorney?
  • Why do I need an attorney if I plan to plead guilty?

Theft Offenses

Stealing, shoplifting, larceny, taking. These can bring unwanted consequences to your life. A 15-second decision can bring consequences that last a lifetime. However, that does not always have to be the case. Many cases bring options and opportunities to change the situation and give you a second chance.

Drug Offenses

Drug charges are serious matters, and can bring the feeling of powerlessness. Options may seem non-existent or confusing. But there are options, and opportunities. We will work with you to reach the best outcome in your case.

Violent Offenses

Anytime you are charged with an offense involving violence, you need someone on your side. Convictions involving violence bring important and serious consequences and understanding what you are facing is the only way that you can be fully prepared to handle your case. We can work through the scenarios with you and stand beside you to reach a successful outcome.

Alcohol Offenses

If you are under 21 and get caught drinking, there will be consequences to your future plans. However, we can work with you to manage these consequences for school and job applications. There are options available to you, as long as you know where to look. We can help you figure out the best steps to take in order to put you back on the path to success in the future.


If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, even if the case was dismissed, that charge will still show up on your criminal record. However, the State of North Carolina provides many opportunities to remove these records to reduce the consequences when applying for school or a job. Call us today and our experienced team can work with you to see if you are eligible to have any charges expunged from your record.

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