Debt Litigation

Are you being sued by a creditor?

When you fall behind on your loan payments or go into default, your creditor has a legal right to demand that you catch up the amount that is in arrears, and if you still do not pay, you can face a lawsuit.  Most debtors who find themselves in this position are honest, hardworking people who have fallen into financial difficulty and deserve help resolving the situation.  If you face legal action over bad debts, you can find support by retaining a dedicated bankruptcy lawyer from Tolin & Tolin, PLLC.  We understand what a difficult time this may be for you and your family, and we sincerely care to help you find a solution to the situation.

The goal of the lawsuit is to obtain a judgment against you. If you lose the case, the creditor will obtain a judgment against you. The creditor can then seek to execute the judgment by selling your assets.

Debt Litigation Attorney

An attorney from our firm will review the loan documents and any other evidence relevant to your case.  If this is not your only problem with debt, it may be advisable to declare bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  As soon as you file your petition for bankruptcy, you will be protected from creditor actions by an automatic stay, effectively shielding you from repossession, foreclosure and other adverse actions.